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FFL Transfers

Have you found a gun online that you want to buy and need it shipped to an FFL Dealer to complete your Form 4473 and Background Check?  We are more than happy to process your transfer for you.  We will gladly document your transaction, and perform the required FBI NICS background check for you.

We charge $30 for transfers. For transfers involving more than one firearm, we charge an additional $10 fee for each additional firearm.


  • The sending FFL Dealer will need to verify our FFL.  Please call us or send us an email with the contact information of the sending FFL Dealer, along with any order #'s or information that we can provide to the FFL Dealer to ease their effort to match us with your order and get it shipped out to us.

  • When we receive the firearm, we will contact you to schedule for you to come, complete the Form 4473, and pick up your firearm.  We respect that you are excited to receive your new firearm and thus we strive to process your transfer the same day as we receive it.  NOTE:  Due to our shipping/receiving volumes, We require a MINIMUM of 1 hour after receiving the firearm from the shipping carrier so that we can do the required ATF paperwork required of us prior to transferring the firearm to you. 

  • If you do not pick up your firearm within 14 days of receipt, a $1/day storage fee will due in addition to the normal transfer fee.  Items not picked up within 6 months of receipt will be deemed as abandoned.

  • If a NICS Background Check is denied, you are still responsible for the stated transfer fee and any applicable shipping costs associated with returning the item to the shipping FFL.  Returns to the Shipping FFL will be delayed until stated costs are paid.  If returning the item to the Shipping FFL is not possible, we do offer Consignment Services. Delays in resolving this beyond 7 days will be assessed a $1/day storage fee.

  • If you have any questions about the transfer process, need directions, or are looking for an item, please contact us!